Reports of man performing lewd acts in public worries Irish Channel residents

Reports of man performing lewd sex acts in public concerns some Irish Channel residents

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - A disturbing scene captured on camera in New Orleans' Irish Channel neighborhood shows a man exposing his genitals while standing on a woman’s porch. In fact, the man is seen on multiple occasions exposing himself in public.

One video shows the man pulling down his pants and masturbating on a porch. The woman who lives there posted about the incident in a neighborhood Facebook group, capturing the attention of many.

"I got linked to one of the posts, and read the history of it, and it went viral quickly," Jeremiah Johnson said.

In her posts, the woman says the man has targeted her house several times in recent months, even ringing her doorbell.

Johnson said after seeing the footage, he noticed this was happening at the house right around the corner from him.

“It was shocking. You start realizing that the houses were right nearby are in the pictures that you’re seeing, and so you start putting things together and you realize you have a family and your friends and neighbors are right by and affected by it, and so it becomes very personal very quickly,” Johnson said.

Johnson has lived in the neighborhood for 10 years and says he’s never seen the man in the video.

However, some commenting on the post say they've seen him doing the same thing on Magazine Street and in the Warehouse District.

"It's good to hear that the kind of publication of his picture has gotten out, and people recognize seeing him before. Shows the power of social media for good things," Johnson said.

Johnson says while the man has mostly been a nuisance, he's afraid things will get worse.

“I could see something dramatic happening after he’s basically outed, you know, as a criminal, doing bad things, and so now it’s out on the street and so you could see it escalating. I can anticipate it escalating, so hopefully he gets caught and apprehended soon,” Johnson said.

The woman who posted on social media says she’s contacted police, but nothing has happened so far.

FOX 8 reached out to NOPD. A spokesperson said they’re investigating the claims.

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