Revenge factor overrated in Saints-Vikings rematch

Revenge factor overrated in Saints-Vikings rematch
The Vikings beat the Saints in the playoffs, 29-24. (Source:

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - The Saints lost a heartbreaker to the Vikings last season in the NFC Divisional Round of the playoff. Stefon Diggs scored late in the contest to give Minnesota a 29-24 victory, and ended the Black and Gold’s season bitterly.

Saints and Vikings meet again this Sunday, and the game takes place in Minneapolis, the location of the so-called “Minnesota Miracle.”

The Saints are 5-1 in 2018, and the Vikings are 4-2. Both appear primed for another playoff run. Saints Head Coach Sean Payton thinks all the focus should be on this year’s contest, and not on the past.

“The revenge factor might be one of the most overrated factors. That was a whole different team a year ago, and a whole different game," said Coach Payton.

"This is a new team playing this ‘18 season for different reasons. It was a hard-fought game with a tough finish to it. I just don’t see it that that way. It wasn’t like there was bad blood when the game was over with or anything like that. Two teams fought hard, and they made a play at the end that ended up costing us the game. But there were a lot of things that ended up costing us the game. So I think the focus is going to be on this year’s Vikings, and this year’s Saints team, rather than the irony or the fact that we just finished playing them last year.”

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