After Further Review: Some thoughts on Saints deal for Eli Apple

After Further Review: Some thoughts on Saints deal for Eli Apple
Saintst make reported deal for cornerback Eli apple

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) -We knew the Saints were in the market for secondary help. We just didn’t know who that player would be. The overwhelming majority of the fan base wanted Patrick Peterson, so did I, but realistically the Saints didn’t have enough assets to land a player of Peterson’s caliber.

Instead, they landed Eli Apple. Apple is a former first-round pick who spent a tumultuous two and a half seasons with the Giants. Apple reportedly had repeated locker room issues with teammates and coaches in New York.

But on the field, Apple appears to be an upgrade over Ken Crawley, who’s struggling mightily this season. He’s graded out well in the five games he’s played this season. Plus, Apple now joins ‘Ohio State South,’ and will play with several of his former Buckeye teammates. Surrounding a guy with supposed locker room issues, with players he’s very comfortable with, can be invaluable and help production.

The compensation, according to reports, is a 2019 fourth-round pick and a 2020 seventh-rounder. That seems a little high for a player with Apple’s resume’. The Saints will now only have one pick, their second rounder, in the first four rounds of next year’s draft.

Of course, if Apple is the guy that plugs up their biggest hole on defense, and helps them in their win-now approach, then it’s a price that the Saints are absolutely willing to pay.

Time will tell if the right move was made. But one thing is for certain, the Saints are not sitting on the sidelines in their quest for a Super Bowl ring in 2018.

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