LSU head coach says team will move on from controversial penalty call

LSU head coach says team will move on from controversial penalty call

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Many Tigers fans are still upset about the penalty call on LSU linebacker Devin White.

The controversial call not only disqualified White from the rest of that game, but also from the first half of their game against Alabama.

"It was definitely unfair. At worst, it was maybe roughing the passer, and I'll give them that, but I can't see the targeting, and I've watched it numerous times," LSU fan Mike Serio said.

Speaking during a luncheon Tuesday, LSU Coach Ed Orgeron said the call was unfair.

“I don’t think targeting should’ve been called. I think he tried to pull off. I think it’s a very stiff penalty. Now, I understand the targeting rule and I’m all for it, but I think that ruling should have been overturned,” Orgeron said.

“By rule, no player shall target and make forcible contact to the head or neck area of a defenseless opponent," said Southeastern Conference spokesman Chuck Dunlap. "The QB on the play was defenseless at the time of the contact. By rule, all targeting calls are reviewed. The call was reviewed and confirmed.”

Coach Oregeron said the university reached out to the SEC to overturn the suspension, but the ruling will remain.

"I think we did all we could. Joe Alleva was on the phone with Commissioner Sankey as soon as the game was over. We tried that everything that we can. As far as we know now, it's going to stand and it's done," Oregeron said.

Alabama fans say LSU isn't the only team missing a key player.

“Alabama’s dealing with many injuries also. We have some of our top linebackers out, and we’re thin on defense also, so it happens,” said Mark Hughes. “Us as Alabama fans would like to see LSU with their full potential when they play us, so there will be no excuses after the game.”

Coach Orgeron says they’re going to move on and have other linebackers ready to step up. He also hopes this will lead to change in the SEC appeals process.

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