Mega Millions madness strikes again before $1.6B drawing

Mega Millions madness strikes again before $1.6B drawing

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - The $1.6 billion jackpot is the largest Mega Millions prize ever, and people were buying up lottery tickets like crazy Tuesday.

In Hollygrove, he's known in the neighborhood as Cousin Willie, and he already has some tickets at home.

“How much it is right now? I’m gonna catch a heart attack if I win," said Willie.

Since the lottery hit $1 billion last week, store managers have said people have been buying tickets all week.

“They’re newbies, regulars, people from different states - yes, it’s a lot of people,” said Charlene Brown.

In Laplace, Brown says it’s exciting with so much money on the line how many customers come in, and especially with the possibility their store could get something extra for selling the winning ticket.

“I wish we would, someone could break us off a piece of that check,” said Brown.

And everyone has different dreams about what they would do if they won.

"Me and my wife might buy a private island or something and move away from everybody," said Stephen Ridgdell.

"I'd give it to research for medical and then I'd give it to the homeless," said Martha Lalonde.

But if his lucky numbers aren't drawn, Cousin Willie says he'll be asking for a re-do.

“If I don’t win with this $10, I want my money back!” he said.

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