Juan’s World: Dez’s Arrival

Juan’s World: Dez’s Arrival
Dez Bryant played for the Cowboys last season (Source: Nola.com)

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) -Welcome in to Juan’s World and I’m still on the fence with the whole Dez Bryant signing. I get it. He’s a talented receiver that would make any NFL team better. The Saints certainly think so. Why else would they bring him here.

His eight seasons in Dallas were a constant reminder of both the good and bad of Dez. The good was his more than 500-catches, nearly 75-hundred yards receiving and 73 touchdowns. Great numbers anyway you slice it.

But, sometimes, the bad of Bryant makes it hard to remember the good. During his time as a Cowboy, Bryant’s temper tantrums on the sideline were matched by his off-the-field distractions. I’m hoping that his time off from the game has humbled him. I also hope that Sean Payton didn’t have to remind him that they didn’t need him. That they’re giving him a chance to resurrect his career.

The Saints have given him a one-year deal to figure out how he wants the rest of his NFL career to play out. It’s a one-year tryout for all thirty-two NFL teams. His future in New Orleans will be determined by how he handles being in New Orleans now.

Here’s hoping that Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis get this right. Here’s hoping that Bryant gets this right. Because, if he does, then both sides will win in the end.

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