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Final Play: Fred Hickman's Final Word

Here’s my Final Word… my FIRST word actually for the New Year.

Now, as most of you know, I don’t believe in luck… good, bad or otherwise.

I believe in prayer and hard work. I think that placing a piece of lettuce in your wallet doesn’t insure wealth in the coming year. It only makes you wallet stinky.

I believe that leaving a penny on the window sill doesn’t insure wealth, it merely represents another penny you won’t have down the line.

First footing… the tradition of having a man be the first person to cross the door jam New Year’s Day is a long-held tradition supposed to be good luck, unless the guy is a burglar.

And, how far can you get beyond ‘may old acquaintance be forgot’ when spending money all year. So, what else is new?

I say this. The only tried and true tradition is the New Year’s resolution is the proclaiming of resolutions. You are 99.9 % assured of breaking them before Valentine’s Day.

Enough of that. If you’ll excuse me, I have some "hoppin' John and cabbage" to get before Midnight.
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