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Chris Rose: Krystal video

By now, anyone who has wanted to view the assault that took place here at the Krystal burger joint on Bourbon Street during the BCS Championship weekend has done so.

Minds have been made up. Verdicts reached. I've even heard a few proposed sentences, some of them every bit as ghastly as the assault itself.

In case you've been offline or have somehow missed the news, a viral video making the rounds this week shows a guy -- apparently an Alabama fan -- rubbing his privates against the neck and maybe face of a passed out restaurant patron -- apparently an LSU fan.

The word “disturbing” seems to be the overriding sentiment here; to witness defenseless people being abused always strikes a certain portion of the psyche that makes one crave revenge.

It would be easy to say that wherever you gather 30,000 college students in one place, stupid stuff is going to happen, and if that place happens to be New Orleans, certainly the odds increase.

What's an absolute wonder is how people performing such lewd or inappropriate behavior willingly allow themselves to be videotaped in the process.

It's like those Marines caught urinating on dead Taliban soldiers two weeks ago; all you can wonder is: What were they thinking?

Lessons learned here:

Don't pass out in crowded fast food restaurants. Don't make contact with your genitalia against said passed out person. And don't videotape said contact for dissemination on the World Wide Web.

When one considers the term “a jury of your peers,” in a case like this, one supposes that is a metaphorical term.

Then again, maybe not; the number of men willing to expose their privates on the Internet seems to know no bounds these days.

It's a brave new world in which cowards star in their own 15 minutes of fame.

The perpetrator's face is clear on the video so it's a sure thing he's going to get caught and he's gonna be vilified and he just better hope that the judge he gets in criminal court went to Tulane and not LSU.

Not to say justice isn't blind, but a few folks around here are still smarting in the wake of two football losses that could only be called... disturbing.

Another lesson learned: Payback is hell.

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