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Chris Rose: List of Lists

New Orleans ranking as the Murder Capital of the United States has played so prominently in the national consciousness lately, that I have compiled another list that gives a less dreary look at our city.

Call it: My year-end List of Lists, to start the new year on a more positive note.

I start with the Nielsen TV-ratings service, which says New Orleanians watch more TV than anybody else.

This seemed odd, given New Orleans' preponderance of live entertainment, until I saw several film industry rankings that showed Louisiana is now the "the best" state – surpassing even California and New York – for film and television production in the U.S.

That explains it.

We like to watch ourselves.

That could be because Travel & Leisure magazine rated us Number 1 for “America's Strangest People.”

Or because the Daily Beast website ranked us the second Funniest City in America, behind only Austin, Texas, and that comparison itself is pretty......funny.

Austin? Funny?

Like, funny-ha-ha?

Go figure.

We're also smart. Or getting smarter, at least.

Forbes Magazine named New Orleans the No.1 "Brain Magnet" of 2011, meaning more smart people are moving here than anywhere else and that can't be bad news.

Can it?

Sometimes it's good not to be on lists.

Amazingly, New Orleans did not make the Top Ten of the Daily Beast's “Drunkest Cities.”

They must have got drunk and lost their research when they came to town.

Total ranked us the 5th worst city for Body Odor.

On a positive note for personal achievement, Aevin Davis, of Napoleonville, was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records for having the world's largest afro and that's got to count for something.

Community-wide, Travel & Leisure – which seems to like lists almost as much as me - found that New Orleanians are most proud of their city, compared to residents of the nation's 35 largest metro areas.

And that's because we are, indeed, at the top of the list of almost everything that matters, the most, the bigger, the better.

We're Number One.....a lot.
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