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Uptown neighbors oppose Tulane Community Stadium location

New Orleans - Some Uptown residents say they're dreading the arrival of a new neighbor.  They say the plan for a big new football stadium just feet from their homes is a recipe for disaster.  The "Tulane Community Stadium" is set to go up in 2014 and will sit in the heart of Tulane's Uptown campus on Ben Wiener Drive.

Jamie Greenheck and Paige Morrison live on Audubon Boulevard next to Tulane's campus.  They have helped to launch an online petition to gather support in voicing their concerns and pushing for a new location for the stadium.  They say they're concerned about the quality of life in their area and they claim the lighting, the sound, the traffic and the parking will be a major disruption.

"As a neighbors we were very concerned about the stadium and we started talking to people... and a found out that we weren't alone," said Greenheck.  She says the plan puts the stadium just 40 feet from her back door.

Morrison said, "I have 3 children and I have been raising my family here by choice and this is going to have a significant impact on the quality of my life here."

The online petition is directed at Tulane and District A Council Person Susan Guidry.  Fox 8 requested a comment from Guidry, but her assistant said she will have to comment at a later date. 

Tulane released this statement:
The new stadium will be located in the heart of Tulane's uptown campus less than a football field away from the old Tulane stadium which was a beloved New Orleans icon. The new stadium will only be about a third the size of the old stadium. Tulane has met, and will continue to meet, with neighbors to ensure that the design of the stadium, as well as the traffic flow and parking related to it, has a minimal impact on the neighborhood.

According to Tulane, the stadium will be a third of the size of the old Tulane Stadium and less than a football field away from where it used to sit.  Even so, these neighbors say the new 30,000 seat stadium just doesn't belong there.

"They have other options and I think they should consider those," said Morrison.

"Shoe horning this between where that used to be and where the baseball stadium is is irresponsible.  I just don't know how it's going to fit," said Greenheck.

These neighbors tell us they fully support Tulane and a new stadium.  They just don't want it in their backyard.  Construction of the Tulane Community Stadium is expected to be completed in the fall of 2014.

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