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Chris Rose: Buddy Roemer

Now is the time for Bobby Jindal to pause and examine whether he realistically has a chance at successfully running for national office.

I offer this purely as fodder, for, in fact, Jindal has little-to-nothing to do with the contents of today's commentary.

Who I want to talk about, instead, is Buddy Roemer and, by extension, the state of Louisiana and whether or not – by marginalizing, even ignoring, Roemer – the Republican Party is also, by extension, dissing the state of Louisiana.

My argument: To be taken seriously as a candidate for President – or, at least, to assume legitimacy – one must be either a sitting or former Governor or a sitting or former Congressman or be very, very individually wealthy.

Roemer commonly expresses bafflement at the notion that he is the only candidate for the Republican nomination who was both a Governor and a Congressman – and to that I'll add that, as a successful banker in the years since leaving the Governor's mansion, he likely has a pretty good stack of cash reserves at the ready.

So, as we witness the ceaseless rounds of GOP debates and withstand the results of daily polling: Why no Roemer?

His campaign has been so trivialized that you rarely hear the terms Buddy Roemer and White House without the prefix “Quixotic quest.”

Can you imagine a former Governor and Congressman from, say, Ohio, being denied a place at the podium at the debates?

It's implausible to conceive that any candidate with those credentials from any other state – even Alaska! - would be denied such access to American voters and the media.

So, when the GOP stiffs Roemer, they're stiffing Louisiana.

OK, sure: Losing his re-election bid as Governor to Edwin Edwards and David Duke at the same time is certainly a blot on Roemer's resume.

But that says much – MUCH! – more about Louisiana's residents as a whole than it does about Roemer as an individual.

So there's that and, well, sometimes Buddy Roemer can appear a little.....kooky.

But, other than that.......

So, that's why Bobby Jindal should take a look at his chances on a national platform when he presumes his time has come.

The question is: Will anyone even let him get on the platform.

Since he's only from.....Louisiana.
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