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Ultra-powerful laptop gamers' delight

If you're the type who is wowed by an M-series BMW, an AMG Mercedes, a Turbo Porsche, or a Z-designated Corvette, you will probably like the ORIGIN EON15-S notebook. Like the aforementioned exotic cars, the EON15-S is cutting edge -- a notebook aimed squarely at hardcore gamers.

ORIGIN might not be a household name, but among the gaming technorati, who usually scoff at anything that isn't a DIY creation, products from the Miami, Fl-based custom PC builder command respect -- for good reason.

The EON15-S featured today on the Fox 8 Morning News is powered by a second-generation Intel i-series processor and a kick-butt mobile NVIDIA Graphics card, the GeForce GTX 580, which ORIGIN overclocks for even more performance.

With the EON15-S, you can also have custom airbrushing (click here for examples), which is one reason the finisished productarrives in a wooden crate sturdy enough to protect a priceless objet d'art. The company says it's not just for effect. The crate ensures that what is often a one-of-a-kind PC isn't damaged in shipping -- no matter what!

All systems are backed up with award-winning integration, quality-testing and support. The company offers a lifetime phone and online service guarantee. Each customer actually gets a dedicated support team to handle their needs throughout the product's life.

ORIGIN products are built and supported by experienced experts in PC gaming who love to share their passion and offer the best gaming experience possible.  The company was founded by a group of ex-Alienware executives who eventually decided not to remain with Dell after Dell bought Alienware in 2006.

The name "Origin" was reportedly derived from the group's desire to get back to the original mission of Alienware -- to build top-performing, custom gaming PCs.

CEO and co-founder Kevin Wasielewski was actually born in New Orleans and also serves as the company's chief evangelist. Wasielewski knows what goes into his products and why. He's a big reason why ORIGIN products hold a ton of benchmark records and usually smoke the competition. 

Prices for the EON15-S gaming notebook start at $1539. For more information, visit OriginPC.com

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