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Chris Rose: Who Dat

In a moment of idleness the other night, I made a curious discovery on my Facebook page: Of my more than 4,000 “friends,” there are more almost forty who claim “Who Dat” as their middle name.

Divert your attention from the “4,000 friends” thing; it's strictly a business tool for me. More compelling is the unified stand taken by Saints fans staking their claim to this team.

A never-ending debate for the blogosphere and talk-radio is who has the most dedicated fans in the NFL. It's of little doubt here in Dome-Nation, but the self-styled nomenclature of our fans would have to sway some opinions in other NFL markets.

Sure, they paint their faces and strip bare-chested in sub-zero climate and wave their little towels but, in the end, they're all just squirrels.

I ask you: How many fans elsewhere have named themselves after a nonsensical, grammatically mangled, borderline ignorant rally chant?

Whom would that be, you might ask?

Yeah, you right.

Following my Facebook discovery, I asked this on my wall: “I have 37 "friends" whose middle name is Who Dat. Can anyone explain? Or is it the obvious?”

I got over fifty responses.

Deneen Dahn said: “It started during the playoffs, during that magical year; it was a part of the ever-growing ferver to show your fan loyalty.”

Bobby Hebert – yes that's his real name and no, not that Bobby Hebert – said: “At that time, we were so caught up in Saints hysteria, we did anything and everything to illustrate our Who Dat spirit. The only question was why not do it?

Several folks suggested it was a backlash against the NFL when it egregiously claimed copyrighted ownership of the term a couple years ago.

But Donna Who Dat Oliver said: “I've been a Who Dat for as long as I remember - and it beats the hell out of my original middle name.”

Fair enough.

Rodney Beals put it most succinctly: “It's the obvious.”

So do we have our answer? Or just more questions?

One thing it helps clarify is who are the best fans. The answer is the question: Who Dats, literally.

And illiterately.

And any other way you wanna say.....dat.
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