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Police say they know about graphic video made of LSU fan

New Orleans -- "Is this guy dead?" one Alabama fans asks another of a passed out LSU Tiger fan, videotaped in the Krystal Burgers restaurant at the mouth of Bourbon Street last week.

The video, shot by cell phone and posted online, shows the 'Bama fans getting their kicks at the expense of the unknowing Tiger supporter.

"This guy's gonna be all over YouTube," one fan joked.

In fact, Deadspin.com reported that someone posted the graphic video on the BAMA Sports Forum's YouTube channel, but it has since been pulled.

It stayed online long enough for viewers to watch one fan put his finger up the man's nose, as others piled Krystal boxes onto his head. 

Later on the video, a man exposes himself and simulates a sex act.

The video does not make clear when the incident took place, but judgjng by the sea of red jerseys, the chants of "roll tide" and the absence of purple and gold, it would appear to have been after Alabama's victory in the BCS Championship game.

The abuse and laughter drag on for several minutes before the tape finally stops.

NOPD spokesperson Remi Braden said the department's Sex Crimes Unit has been aware of the video since Sunday.  However, Braden said unless the alleged victim comes forward to complain, "we really can't do anything about it."

Braden said it is not clear from the video whether a crime actually took place. 
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