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Chris Rose: College hoops

So, it looks like there's going to be a professional basketball season after all.

Things were looking grim there for a while. My family; we weren't taking it well.

Missing out on the games was bad enough, but then the pre-game concerts, kids' activities, music and light shows, contests, giveaways, the Honeybees....

All of it, lost to the lockout.

No Dance Cam. No kiss cam. No Hugo!

That last part was almost too much to bear.

But, lo! Problem solved.

Which is funny, because I had just come up with a sterling idea for jilted fans around here, a strategy to get through the season without going into hoops withdrawal.

What we were going to do – and what I was going to recommend to viewers – was this: Go to college games.

Think about how players at UNO, Tulane, Loyola, Xavier, Dillard toil in small-time programs in sometimes near-empty gyms and arenas, playing for the love of the game because they're certainly not playing for glamor, fame or a shot at the pros.

And kids? Sure, they'd miss the face painting and t-shirt giveaways and the big thrill of seeing NBA superstars, but really, what they care about most is that there's plenty of action, plenty of noise and plenty of hot dogs.

But then they solved the lockout, season scheduled, game on Bummer, I thought, because now I wasn't going to get to offer my plan.

I wasn't going to single-handedly be the guy who saved the winter, at the same time helping all those schools.


Then I thought: The NBA now needs to start practicing, go through it's pre-season, get on a game face.

So.....why don't we do that, too?

While we wait around for D. West and CP3 to come dazzle us on the Big Floor, how about we prep for the season by hitting the locals – by going to a bunch of college games in the meantime.

All the good things still happen: You get your hoops fix, the kids have a blast, the colleges get revenue and the players get noise.

Everybody wins.

Hopefully the games, too.

So get in on the game plan: Go local, go loud.

As the saying goes: Fan up.
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