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Chris Rose: Election

I don't know about you, but I've just about had my fill with Iowa and New Hampshire.

Slumming through the caucuses and primary are like waiting 40 days to play a football game – but that's a different gripe for a different day.

Now, don't get me wrong: I've been to both Iowa and New Hampshire. Fine people, to be sure.

But why do they always get unprecedented say in our Presidential elections?

Sometimes I just don't feel.....represented. Worse – truly, the worst thing you can say in America: I don't feel like my vote counts.

Louisiana's presidential primary is in late March.

Now, this group of Republicans running, they're a dogged bunch, so there might even be two left by the time they finally get here but there as likely will not.

The system is fixed for Mitt Romney. The media has conspired so.

This, I found out, from the media.

Turns out, my brethren in the field did not consult me on this matter.

If they had, I'd say this: How about Louisiana gets a say one of these years?

What if we went first?

Oh, the very thought of it!

For instance, I just don't get the feeling Romney's juggernaut would find much traction here.

We like personality. We like color. Face it: We like crazy.

The record shows.

Mitt, he ain't crazy. He's made of wood.

In the current GOP race, you'd have to figure Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich would be odds-on favorites around here.

Personality and color, sure. And I'm sure they have coherent political messages about getting America back on track blah bah blah.

But mostly because they've got the crazy.

They entertain us.

The other guys seem too much like standard issue American polititcians and that dog don't hunt around here.

I would just relish the daily pageantry of all these guys filing in and out of crawfish boils to meet “the working people,” and having to suck da heads with a hundred cameras flashing and trying to figure out what in God's name it was that “working person” Boudreaux just axed him on national TV.

Face it: There's just no way to suck da heads and look presidential at the same time.

Just no way.

Best reason of all is that it would likely scare the bejesus out of the rest of the country; telling them Louisiana's gonna pick your president this year.

That would certainly catch folks' attention.

That would certainly make politics interesting again.

It's win-win for everybody that way.

Except for Les Miles. Now, that's some crazy right there!

But that's a different gripe for a different day.
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