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Final Play: Fred Hickman's Final Word

I've been in this business a long time, and the one thing I can't stand about it can be summed up in three words... 'The Best Ever'.  Haven't you noticed?

More than a handful of sportscasters these days refer to Lebron James as "the best basketball player ever!" 

The Cardinals' World Series victory over the Texan Rangers was "the best post-season performance ever!"

What has been lost in the art of sports broadcasting, and it is an art, is perspective.

A performance, an accomplishment, a win can certainly be quantified as the best one has ever personally seen.  Without question, a player can be dubbed the best of his or her era.

But 'the best ever' label require significant attention be paid to the context of the subject, and the history of the accomplishment and cudos in question.

So, it is with great care that I address this year's LSU football season as 'the best ever'.

If the Tigers can run the table, beating Arkansas Friday, Georgia in the SEC Championship game, and then whomever... perhaps Alabama for the second time this season... in the BCS Championship on January 9th at the Dome, LSU will get my vote.

I can't think of a team which has dominated the competition more week in and week out, be it at Tiger Stadium or in hostile territory.

No other team I've seen or read about has been able to put up it's dukes and beat the other guy at his own game almost at will.

Speaking of will, am I the only one who saw LSU destroy Mississippi's last night? Players and fans alike?

Les Miles was right a few weeks ago when he said this year's LSU team has a chance to be something special.  It already is. But, in my opinion, it is three wins away from earning the most coveted three-word title in college football.

The Best Ever.

I like the Tigers' chances.
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