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Chris Rose: Cemetery

Like many of you, I watched with fascination – and maybe a little horror – a recent FOX 8 report that 15 coffins had been unearthed at a construction site in the French Quarter.

My only beef with the story – well, not really a beef; let's call it a concern – is that the long lost cemetery in which these bodies were found is,'s underneath my residence.

They found bodies here 30 years ago, under the same circumstances as the other day: Building a swimming pool.

Turns out, my whole block was a cemetery in the 18th century, occupied mostly by poor folks and slaves.

In 1789, St. Louis Cemetery was built to take on the overflow, and the few rich folks here in the old St. Peter Cemetery were moved over there.

Amazingly, the rest were left behind, and an entire neighborhood was built on top of them.

I didn't think that was allowed.

Only their tombstones were removed, so finding them is kind of random.

Like when you build a swimming pool.

So now I feel like I'm living in the movie Poltergeist, where evil developers did the same thing.

They just moved headstones, not bodies, out of cemetery, and the dead folks got really PO'd about it and they came back up – out of a swimming pool, natch – and lots of bad things happened, to say nothing about really messing up local property values.

So now I'm not sure what to tell my kids about this. None of the parenting books I've read offer advice about sharing your living space with corpses.

Me, I'm not real big into that I See Dead People thing. And my kids, they think E.T. Is scary!

And now this.

For most of my adulthood, I've relied upon a simple mantra when facing life's little dilemma's: Live and let live.

Sounds great. But this time......what to do?

Live and let, well.....

How would you phrase that, exactly?

It's all pretty creepy, really. So I reckon I either need a new place to live - or a new mantra to live by.

That, or a new swimming pool.
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