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Chris Rose: Class warfare

It has become such haunting, gruesome imagery; I can hardly watch TV anymore.

I'm afraid of picking up newspapers to see the crowds, chaos and carnage.

Radio is thrumming with vitriolic callers venting years of frustration and fury.

When I lay down at night, it's all that replays in my mind: Swarms of high-strung, angry protesters – male and female, young and old - emerging from tents, abandoned buildings and safe houses, seemingly leaderless in their marauding, random acts of vandalism and violence.

Security forces, equally baffled by this fearsome dawn of revolt, occupation and discontent – this new New World Order – also seem leaderless in their attempts to disperse the mobs, staunch the violence, save property and lives, restore peace and civility to the great cities of the world.

Gatherings that began as sit-ins for leafleting and justice have descended into wars not only of words, but of threats, injury and, well.....war.

Confusion abounds. The world watches in real time horror.

Historic lands and monuments are destroyed, the body count grows, monetary losses accrue; the world as we know it self-destructs in the blink of a Twitter.

From Cairo, Egypt to Cairo, Illinois, life is a flash mob.

But who's in charge? How do we make it stop?

More than anything else: What do they want – and by “they” I mean everyone participating in the madness rather than watching it on TV?

Truthfully, I think I know the answer.

It's not entirely unlike the global protests of the 1960s, only the vocabulary has changed.

This time around, they don't want peace and they don't want justice.

What do they want?


When do they want it?


They want Kindles, nooks, broadband, blue rays. They want apps, pads and pods.

And maybe some nice sweaters.

It's a new day, a new dawn – literally.

Forget about Arab Spring. Forget about Occupy Wall Street.

It's 6 a.m. Occupy Wal-Mart.

Class warfare is no longer about us and them. It's not even about you and me.

This time around, it's about I and Wii.

And the revolution will not be televised.

Because this time around - the revolution is the television.
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