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Chris Rose: 49ers fans

I thought this was behind us.

I thought I'd said the last I had to say about it.  But... indulge me, please: Can we talk about the 49ers thing?

When I first heard stories about Saints fans getting harassed, threatened and even assaulted at Candlestick Park, my first reaction was: In San Francisco?


How could folks in a city known for extreme tolerance wind up in the same category as Chicago Bears fans?

Well, turns out their crimes against Saints fans had repercussions; Chicago police sent legions of cops to last Sunday's game against New York dressed in Giants gear –- and they wound up arresting and ejecting twice the number of fans than at the Saints game.

And while that unfolded off camera, the 49er faithful went on to show the entire nation what morons they are, on TV and then by social media.

First, they booed lustily during the National Anthem, which might have been excusable if it had been Steven Tyler singing.  But he blew up the Anthem at the Patriots-Ravens game, not in San Francisco.

No, it was Kristen Chenoweth. Who nailed the song, by the way.

But some production genius decided to flash images of the Giants on the stadium's jumbo screen during the song; the fans exploded with boos, catcalls and F-bombs.

Then they cheered wildly when their disturbingly beloved 49ers appeared, effectively drowning out the entirety of Chenoweth's performance.

And that was just the preamble to the fans' disturbing behavoir.

Since punt returner Kyle Williams muffed two kicks, both converted into Giants scores, his Twitter account has been blitzkrieged by his team's alleged supporters.

A few samples: A wish that he'd take a bullet. A wish that he get AIDS. And finally, quote: “I hope you, your wife, kids and family die, you deserve it.”

Interesting to note: Drew Brees threw two interceptions against the 49ers – one converted into a 49er touchdown – and the fact remains: If he ran for Mayor of New Orleans, he'd win in a landslide.

A tale of two cities, indeed.

The 49ers come to the Superdome next season. My take?

Same as I said for the Bears game last season: Kill 'em with kindness.  Hell, buy 'em a beer.

And then of course send the morons home, silent and sorry.
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