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Final Play: Fred Hickman's Final Word

The final, Final Word of the night deals with a former Saints player who started one game in his career here, but one who will always be a folk hero to the Who Dat Nation.

Steve Gleason.  He's the guy who made his bread and butter in the NFL as special teams player.  The guy who blocked the punt and helped win the Monday night Atlanta game, which was the first game played at the Superdome post Katrina.

I've only recently met Steve, but I like him... ALOT!  I respect him more and I'm rooting for him like crazy.

As you probably know, Gleason suffers from Amytrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).  It's a disease which basically prevents the nerves from talking to the muscles.  It is incurable, progressive and, at this point, 100 percent fatal.

However, Gleason has taken on the fight in much the way he's taken on football.  His 'Gleason Gras' event today will raise both money and awareness to fight the disease and find a cure.

I firmly believe Gleason is fighting for himself, but I know he's fighting for his wife, Michelle, and their young son.  He's fighting for people he does not know and will never meet.

He's once again a special teamer... a guy willing to do the dirty work.  A guy who just wants to win. 

As I said, I'm rooting for him big time.

That's my final word.
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