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ARTICLE: From Tahoes to vote brokers, campaign funds go a long way in Louisiana NOLA.COM: What good do lobbyist reporting laws do without enforcement?
ARTICLE: Lobbyists shell out big bucks for political influence ARTICLE: Feds investigating legislative power broker Alario ARTICLE: Indicted by the feds, Walter Reed to fight charges
ARTICLE: 'Louisiana Purchased' probe wins IRE Award ARTICLE: Is jet-setting Jindal illegally funding a presidential campaign? ARTICLE: La. politicians living large on campaign funds; will IRS move in?
ARTICLE: Feds open probe of state lawmaker from south Louisiana ARTICLE: Walter Reed won't run for re-election as DA ARTICLE: Gov. Jindal signs campaign finance reforms into law
ARTICLE: Campaign finance reforms head to Jindal's desk ARTICLE: Howard, Harrison expenditures examined ARTICLE: At $149K a year, what is Walter Reed campaigning for?
ARTICLE: Is Walter Reed a part-time DA? ARTICLE: $14,000 and a web page that doesn't work ARTICLE: Reed pays Hollywood price for video PSA
ARTICLE: Lawmakers pocketing your tax dollars by double billing ARTICLE: Walter Reed's $29,400 bar tab ARTICLE: Will Ethics Board, feds tackle legislative vets?
ARTICLE: Your tax dollars wasted as senator double dips ARTICLE: Gaping holes in Alario's campaign spending reports ARTICLE: For DA's son, campaign finance is a family affair
ARTICLE: 2013 campaign data show Alario, Heitmeier still living large ARTICLE: Senate pres. spends $253K on Saints, Tigers ARTICLE: Senator's bill would open the spigot for PAC cash
NOLA.COM: Campaign finance bills filed for legislative session ARTICLE: Some PAC limit violators cough up excess funds ARTICLE: Skeet, golf and grub on the campaign trail
ARTICLE: One word means a fortune in campaign spending reports INTERACTIVE: How state lawmakers spent campaign funds NOLA.COM: Louisiana politicians spent millions on meals, golf, tickets, other perks, review shows
ARTICLE: Gold standard for ethics, lead standard for enforcement ARTICLE: "Some people's voice counts more than others" in La. politics INTERACTIVE: How other states regulate campaign finance
ARTICLE: Big campaign donors get big contracts in JP INTERACTIVE: Jefferson Parish - campaign cash and contracts NOLA.COM: Attempts to restrict contributions to Louisiana utility regulators have failed
ARTICLE: Are utilities the real power behind the PSC? INTERACTIVE: PSC - who funds the watchmen? NOLA.COM: From Saints tickets to pricey meals, some politicians using campaign cash for luxuries
ARTICLE: Political war chests hold plenty of perks INTERACTIVE: Campaign spending reviewed NOLA.COM: Ethics Board's focus lets larger violations go unnoticed
ARTICLE: Powerful pols caught over the limits? INTERACTIVE: PAC limits breached NOLA.COM: Nursing homes pump millions into campaigns
ARTICLE: Are nursing homes buying state policy? INTERACTIVE: Nursing homes and campaign cash NOLA.COM: Some of Jindal's donations came as state awarded incentives, contracts
ARTICLE: Contribution questions to Jindal go unanswered INTERACTIVE: Bobby Jindal's War Chest NOLA.COM: The governor's appointees
ARTICLE: Meet the gatekeepers of state politics INTERACTIVE: Visualizing the Top 400 INTERACTIVE: Top 400 by industry sector
ARTICLE: Explaining state campaign finance law INTERACTIVE: Campaign Finance Search by NOLA.com NOLA.COM: Louisiana's top 400 campaign donors get around legal limits to magnify political influence

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