Coast in Crisis

La. governor speaks at summit on state’s coastal future

Governor John Bel Edwards joined a summit Wednesday to discuss the future of Louisiana’s coastlines.

  Poll finds broad support for restoration among coastal LA voters

Plants dying after insect infestation seem to recover

Deepening Mississippi River could lure some of the world’s largest ships to N.O.

Watch drone video of a pelican paradise

Louisiana marks the 50th anniversary of the reintroduction of the brown pelican

A Coast in 3D: forces from below are responsible for much of Louisiana's land loss

Continued Coverage

  A Tale of 2 Fishermen: Charter captains take opposing views on largest coastal project

State takes soil samples at site of largest coastal restoration project, despite Plaquemines Parish opposition

Three different views of the South Louisiana of the future

Scientists forecast an "average size" dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico in 2018

New research shows bugs not culprit in killing off Louisiana coastline

Plaquemines Parish, state of Louisiana locked in a stalemate over the biggest-ever coastal restoration project

  DIY Levees: With little help from Washington, Louisiana's bayou communities go it alone

Without significant help from Washington, Terrebonne and Lafourche Parishes build their own levees

Chalmette High students sow seeds of hope along battered St. Bernard Parish coastline

Members of the 4-H club participate in a coastal project that spanned nearly two school years

  Louisiana taps into a buried treasure of sand to rebuild barrier islands

Louisiana is spending hundreds of millions of dollars rebuilding its barrier islands, but faces a critical challenge in that effort:  finding an affordable and plentiful supply of sand to sculpt islands and marsh.  Ship Shoal provides one answer.

America's newest beach has no hotels or tiki bars

A dredging project rebuilds a Louisiana barrier island

  Coast in Crisis: Are laws designed to protect the environment slowing efforts to restore Louisiana's coast?

Lake Pontchartrain could merge with surrounding lakes in the future, coastal experts warn

Gov. Edwards praises Trump Administration decision to speed review of Louisiana's coastal plans

Could Lake Pontchartrain and Lake Maurepas become one?

Once a paradise for brown pelicans, islands vanish in a matter of years

All is not lost along the Louisiana coast where some new land has been created

  Something is killing a plant vital to holding together the river delta in Southeast Louisiana

Earl Armstrong rummages through a stand of roseau cane near the mouth of the Mississippi River in search of a small alien that seems to be causing a world of trouble.

Scientists set out to answer a question that has plagued them since Hurricane Katrina

Can diverting the Mississippi River really build new land?   Only miles from the mouth of the river, the Mississippi belches mud and sand, adding to the delta.

Update: Plaquemines Parish plugs a breach in a west bank levee

Crews working through the night and into Sunday contained a breach in a Plaquemines Parish levee, according to the parish's coastal office.

Big and small, invasive pests spread trouble along coastal Louisiana

From feral hogs to tiny insects and South American rodents, transplants disrupt the ecosystem

Giant model of lower Mississippi River takes shape at new research facility

Researchers studying proposed sediment diversions on the Mississippi River will have a giant new tool soon

Louisiana coast money at risk in federal budget

President Trump's first budget proposal calls for eliminating a key source of funding for coastal restoration, federal offshore oil revenue sharing.

New Orleans sits atop an ancient barrier island

To the casual observer, this looks like any other section of marsh. However, this spot in extreme Eastern New Orleans-- almost at the St. Tammany Parish line-- is unique.

Louisiana spends billions of dollars in settlement and fine money associated with the 2010 Gulf oil spill

State plans part of its vision for saving coastline with BP dollars.

A $16 million taxpayer-funded coastal project is rarely used

Plaquemines Parish cites concerns about potential damage to a levee that breached last year.

A tiny bug sucks the life out of parts of a Louisiana delta

Near the mouth of the Mississippi river, scales have infested miles of roseau cane.

Gov. Edwards tells lawmakers LA is racing against time to save its coast

Edwards backs the state's revised Coastal Master Plan, which comes before lawmakers in their annual spring session.

Louisiana National Guard delivers recycled Christmas trees to the marsh

In the country's second largest urban wildlife refuge in New Orleans East, the project aims to cut down wave action and build land.

LSU professor argues Louisiana's coastal plans will not protect residents from hurricanes

Professor Edward Richards of the LSU Climate Change Law and Policy Project believes money would be better spent on existing levees

New coastal plan includes floodwall across Rigolets, Chef Pass

People on the North Shore are praising a new coastal plan that includes a proposal to build a floodwall across the Rigolets and Chef Pass, something that many have called for for years.

New Land, just add water: Coastal restoration project bears fruit

30 years of coastal projects create thousands of acres of land at dirt-cheap prices

Work of 19th century geologist could help with Louisiana coastal restoration plans

Engineer Dennis Lambert was researching an ancestor's role in early drainage projects in New Orleans when, at the Tulane University archives, he stumbled upon some long-forgotten work of a 19th century geologist.

Time quickly is running out for the islands of Louisiana's Cat Bay

P.J. Hahn, the former coastal zone management director for Plaquemines Parish, gets a bird's eye view of one of the most documented parts of Louisiana's coast.

"Disappearing Defenses" documentary honored with a Sigma Delta Chi Award

Fox 8 News is proud to announce the station's 7th national award in three years as our "Disappearing Defenses" Documentary was honored with a Sigma Delta Chi Award for Best Documentary by the Society of