Zurik: New documents reveal more double-dipping by state senator

A law professor and a CPA say a state senator needs to be investigated following new information that Wesley Bishop called in sick to his full-time job at Southern University of New Orleans to fulfill his part-time job in the legislature.

  Zurik: State senator pocketing money while calling in sick

St. Peter’s Church reacts to former priest Sax’s name on abuse list

Judge rules Denka Plant suit can move forward

Watching Your Wallet: Company offering to help lower student debt under investigation

Mice. Mold. Messes.

Watching Your Wallet: Will Social Security be there when you retire?

Continued Coverage

  Names of abusers within church released by Archdiocese of New Orleans

You’re in a political ad. (But you don’t know who’s behind it)

Watching Your Wallet: Travel More, Spend Less

Another Louisiana diocese will release names of those credibly accused of child sex abuse

Second alleged victim comes forward saying former NOPD sex crimes detective raped him

Another man comes forward with abuse allegations against former NOPD detective

  Growing concern over the actions of the New Orleans Safety and Freedom Fund

The New Orleans Safety and Freedom Fund has been bonding people out of jail for more than a year now. Members say their ultimate goal is to eliminate money bail altogether for low-risk offenders.

Alleged sex abuse victim says former NOPD detective used drowning death to threaten him

We have new information about former NOPD lead pedophile unit detective Stanley Burkhardt, who the NOPD confirms it's now investigating for a sexual assault allegation dating back to the late 1970s.

  Watching Your Wallet: Budget now for holiday spending

Planning travel and shopping months in advance can pay off in the long run, financial experts say.

Survivors network, SNAP, targets St. Louis Cathedral

A survivors' network hands out leaflets at the St. Louis Cathedral asking archbishop to fully disclose list of abusive clergy

  TV Exclusive: Investigator details bust of pedophile ring tied to New Orleans Boy Scout troop

Report: Customers are overpaying on a quarter of all prescriptions

Archbishop says LA dioceses are considering releasing names of abusers

Big Pharma was supposed to self-police fentanyl prescriptions. It failed. Patients died.

Driver’s ed school took their money, then cancelled all classes

You can help uncover political ad targeting on Facebook

  FOX 8 Defenders: Don’t fall for the car wrap scam

You may have seen the promises of quick and easy money if you wrap your car with ads for a specific product or company. But don't get lured in. A Houma woman explains how the only person making the quick profit is the scammer behind what you think is a job offer.

Metropolitan Crime Commission calls low bonds at Criminal District Court a dangerous trend

“I saw that the bonds do not reflect the serious nature of the offenses."

NOPD investigating homicide in Maryville-Fontainbleau neighborhood

According to NOPD the homicide happened in the 3000 block of Broadway Street.

Hit-and-run accident leads to drug, handgun charges

Deputies recovered four handguns including one which was reported stolen Sheriff James Pohlmann said.

Man accused in fatal stabbing at McDonalds not competent for trial, judge says

According to a report by our partners NOLA.com The Times-Picayune Danny Jackson 57 is accused of stabbing two people inside the restaurant on Canal Street between Bourbon and Royal.

Man indicted for multiple rapes, sex crimes, kidnapping

Jordan Wilson 23 was charged with first-degree rape attempted first-degree rape second-degree rape aggravated kidnapping first-degree robbery and misdemeanor sexual battery in the six-count indictment handed up by an Orleans Parish grand jury according to the report.

Suspect arrested after damaging historic Downtown Thibodaux sign

Frost denied the allegation, and was issued a misdemeanor summons for simple criminal damage to property.

Man convicted of manslaughter in killing of guest at Uptown home

A New Orleans jury deliberated nearly four hours before finding Richard Donovan, 60, guilty of manslaughter in the fatal shooting of Bernell Collins Sr. Donovan, a triple felony offender, faces a prison term of 20 to 80 years when Criminal District Judge Darryl Derbigny imposes sentence.

Suspect who sent threats to teacher at Pontchatoula school in custody, text messages released

Access to Martha Vineyard Elementary School is currently being restricted after a man made a threat to an employee.

Man arrives to hospital with gunshot wounds to his legs, NOPD says

According to NOPD, the shooting happened in the 8600 block of South Claiborne Avenue.

Criminal Court Judge Derbigny reduces bond for alleged drug-dealing gang members

“This is not just some street-level individual drug dealers. This is an association. This is a gang, and their enterprise is selling drugs.”

Person-of-interest sought in shooting on Tennessee Street

NOPD wants to speak with Willie “Six” Andrews, who is a person of interest in the investigation of a shooting which occurred on August 5, 2018 in the 1800 block of Tennessee Street and is also wanted on a related charge to the incident.

NOPD investigating homicide in Seventh Ward

The shooting happened at the intersection of St. Bernard Avenue and North Broad Street. NOPD said officers found a 42-year-old male victim dead.

Suspect accused of witness intimidation released on a $200 bond

Suspect Gino McDowell is released on a $200 bond for witness intimidation.

69 percent of suspects arrested in roundup are back on the street

We take a deeper look into how dozens of drug suspects got out of jail within a week and half of their arrests.

Drug suspects arrested in roundup back on the street

of the 72 people arrested in drug bust, 50 of them are back on the street.

FOX 8 Defenders: Nearly $15,000 in summer savings for area consumers

The FOX 8 Defenders saved a handful of consumers thousands of dollars this summer.  From furniture to flooring, our volunteers listened and got to work, saving area consumers nearly $15,000.

FOX 8 Defenders: Council members push for stronger enforcement regarding blighted pools

The New Orleans City Council's Governmental Affairs committee was clear Tuesday that something needs to change when it comes to enforcing judgments against blighted pools across the city.

Zurik: Governor, commissioners decline comment as questions dog pilotage fee board

Governor John Bel Edwards remains silent, despite the findings of a FOX 8 investigation. Two months after our initial reporting, the governor's office still won't return our request for a comment. And three powerful board members at the center of our series also remain silent - despite our questions.

State of Unrest: 3 State Troopers have punishment reduced by Louisiana State Police Commission

Three Louisiana State Troopers that were accused of taking a controversial side trip on their way to a police conference last year has had their punishments significantly reduced.

FOX 8 Defenders: Orleans property assessment appeals period now through Aug. 15th

If you own property in New Orleans and don't agree with the assessment, now is the time to challenge it. In this FOX 8 Defenders report, we explain what you need to know about the appeals process that's open now through August 15th.

Zurik: State senator calls for investigation of Orleans judges

The law allows judges in New Orleans' First and Second City Court to charge $5 for a wedding at the courthouse. But in First City Court, three judges charged $80. In Second City Court in Algiers, Judge Teena Anderson-Trahan charged even more, $100.

  FOX 8 Defenders: Nuisance pool in Lakeview remains black, stagnant

Months after a FOX 8 Defenders report exposed some of the worst repeat blight offenders in one neighborhood, there is some progress.  However, neighbors worry one nuisance property remains a disturbing health and safety hazard.

Zurik: Convention Center out-of-town totals 'essentially useless'

A critic of convention centers says the one here in New Orleans must not care about being wrong. Almost two years ago, we investigated the Morial Convention Center and showed how their attendance numbers are way off.  Now, new numbers show the trend continues, possibly worse than ever.

Trooper says Mike Edmonson made him and others scapegoats after trip to CA

A former Louisiana State Police lieutenant demoted to sergeant says he felt as if former state police Commander Mike Edmonson threw him under the bus.

NOPD identifies armed robbery suspect after FOX 8 Investigation

Police identify an armed robbery suspect in the French Quarter after a FOX 8 investigation showed video of the incident for the first time.

Former LSP Superintendent Mike Edmonson wraps up testimony to LSP commission

Former Louisiana State Police Superintendent Mike Edmonson will testify Friday before Louisiana State Police Commission in Baton Rouge.

FOX 8 Defenders: Dangerous potholes get fixed on busy Lakeview block

It's no secret Lakeview has its share of potholes, but neighbors complained one of the more well-traveled streets had become dangerous. After months of no answers, they turned to Shelley Brown and the FOX 8 Defenders, and got results.

FOX 8 Defenders: Drainage canal concerns during hurricane season

A full month into hurricane season and already there are mounting concerns over maintenance of some New Orleans drainage canals.  Some worry what's growing wild in them could put your property at risk. The FOX 8 Defenders look for answers and action.

FOX 8 Defenders Follow-up: Crews begin cutting city's biggest drainage canal

In a FOX 8 Defenders follow-up, maintenance crews have begun cutting and cleaning part of the Palmetto Canal in New Orleans.

Zurik: Judicial wedding fees could draw IRS, high court probes

In one year, a New Orleans judge may have received her $100 wedding fees 473 times, pocketing as much as $47,300 in cash. But she may not have reported all the earnings to state ethics officials. Did she report them to tax authorities?

FOX 8 Defenders: JPSO launches investigation against OBL Travel

Thousands are making their way back home after essence fest this weekend. But law enforcement is now launching an investigation into allegations against a travel company.

FOX 8 Defenders: More tourists fall victim to OBL Travel ruse

As thousands are traveling in for Essence Fest some found out they didn't have hotel rooms they thought they paid for. More victims are coming forward saying the travel company, OBL Travel swindled their hard-earned money.

FOX 8 Defenders: BBB issues warnings after travel company concern

The Better Business Bureau warns that popular events in New Orleans are ripe for scammers.

FOX 8 CRIMETRACKER: Carjacking Investigations in New Orleans

Carjacking is a crime that, so far this year, has not affected every district in the city.

CrimeTracker Investigation: Tracking armed robberies in JP

In this CrimeTracker Investigation, FOX 8 obtained the incident report numbers, locations and time of day for every armed robbery in Jefferson Parish from 2014.

CrimeTracker Investigation: Trio wanted by police for 6 armed robberies

When a gunman pistol whipped and robbed a woman around 3 a.m. Wednesday morning in the 900 block of Frenchmen street, NOPD detectives began to focus their attention on a particular group of individuals.

CrimeTracker: Armed robbery increase

Armed robberies like this one are happening at an alarming rate in New Orleans.

CrimeTracker Investigation: Thousands of burglaries in New Orleans

Chilling surveillance video shows burglars on Bancroft Dr. in Lakeview. Neighbors say the gunmen didn't just hit this car. In fact, they say these types of crimes have been happening regularly for the past two years.

FOX 8 CrimeTracker: Carjacking Investigations in New Orleans

"There were at least two guns and as soon as I saw them running towards me, I knew it wasn't going to be good," says one victim.

Feds encounter Latin gang members in N.O. area: A Crimetracker Investigation

Federal authorities said they are encountering higher level "Latin" gang members in the area.

FOX 8 CrimeTracker: Criminal history of suspect in shootout

Darryl Johnson, one of the two suspects in this week's shootout  with members of the West Bank Major Crimes Task Force, has been in and out of the criminal justice system for years.

CrimeTracker: 11 alleged members of 'young melph mafia' indicted, 2 at large

The feds say all 11 defendants grew up in the Melpomene Housing Development and engaged in high-level drug dealing over the course of several years.

FOX 8 Investigates: Beating victim questions why video of incident was never released

The victim of a brutal beating and robbery in the French Quarter, says he wants the public to see what happened to him, just a block from home.

Lee Zurik Investigation: State can't sue over "Dirty Deeds" but individuals may

An assistant attorney general told the State Mineral Board that the state itself has no legal basis to file suit over questionable oil leases granted by Huey Long's successors in the 1930's. But the fight over the so-called "Dirty Deeds" is far from over.

Lee Zurik Investigation: No more "Playing With Fire" for Richie Hampton

Hampton is now the former chief executive officer and secretary-treasurer of the New Orleans Fire Fighter's Pension Board after a vote to remove him and three other board incumbents.

Lee Zurik Investigation: Ethics charges filed in `Playing With Fire` case

The State Ethics Board filed the charges against a current member and a former member of the N.O. Firefighters Pension Board.

Playing With Fire: New secretary-treasurer to make far less than Hampton

The new secretary-treasurer of the New Orleans Fire Fighter's Pension & Relief Fund will receive $100,000 less than his predecessor.

Lee Zurik Investigation: Playing With Fire - Bud's money

A loophole in the law allows the president of a local public board to put tens of thousands of dollars into his pocket every year.  He's essentially profiting from his volunteer public position indirectly.

FOX 8 Defenders: More than 100 dogs seized in Thibodaux

The seizure comes on the heels of Chris Michot's conviction of animal cruelty among other counts.  It's a story the FOX 8 Defenders has followed for nearly nine months.

Zurik: Dramatic price disparities found when comparing insurers

The numbers in healthcare pricing documents typically are closely held secrets. But we've unmasked the costs some of your insurance companies pay for services - costs that directly impact the amount of money coming out of your pocket.

Zurik: State Police suspend LACE program amid FOX 8 investigation

Louisiana State Police have suspended a ticket-writing agreement with many local parishes, pending an internal review. The suspension and review result from a FOX 8 undercover investigative series.

Zurik: LSP trooper may have falsified tickets

Our months-long undercover surveillance investigation found Louisiana's highest-paid state trooper may have falsified timesheets, claiming he worked full LACE overtime shifts but instead spending much of that time at his house.

First responders administer more Narcan to save lives in New Orleans

Tens of thousands of lives were lost last year across the U.S. to an opioid overdose.

Doctors escape punishment for profiting off prescribing opioids to those who don’t need them

Doctors who received the most money from a controversial drugmaker to prescribe its potent opioid have faced little scrutiny for their role in what federal agents have called a scheme.

Air of Uncertainty: Effects of Denka emissions on school children

The Department of Health released a new study that says a cancerous emission at the Denka plant in LaPlace is decreasing.

FOX 8 Investigates: NOPD withholding some crime camera video

You hear it time and again. The importance of surveillance cameras, to help police solve crimes. But some French Quarter residents say the NOPD is holding back some of the videos, that they think are crucial to capturing suspects.

FOX 8 Defenders: Gentilly water meter full of bees

A Gentilly homeowner turned to the FOX 8 Defenders after finding a potentially dangerous situation on her front lawn.