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  FOX 8 Defenders: Local Pastor found guilty of bilking Katrina victim

The subject of a FOX 8 Defenders investigation that dates back years has been found guilty of bilking a Katrina victim out of her government Road Home money for renovations he never completed.

Pastor found guilty of stealing grant money from Hurricane Katrina victim

Elijah Mealconin allegedly conned elderly victims of their Road Home grants, leading them to believe he would rebuild their homes, but never did.

FOX 8 Defenders: Hidden dangers with deadly consequences

Watching our FOX 8 Defenders special report on blighted and abandoned pools in New Orleans opened old, painful wounds for Devona Waker.

GRAPHIC: Mom warns against vape pen after one explodes, leaving son with shattered jaw

A mother's warning tonight against vape pens. This after one exploded in her son's mouth, breaking his jaw in three places, knocking out many of his teeth.

FOX 8 Defenders: Woman accused in Essence scam arrested again at court

A woman accused of scamming people attending Essence Fest in New Orleans was arrested again after a hearing in Jefferson Parish.

FOX 8 Defenders: City could soon fill-in dangerous N.O. East pool neglected for years

As part of an ongoing FOX 8 Defenders investigation, we take you to what may be one of the most dangerous non-maintained pools in New Orleans and explain what could soon happen to it after years of neglect.

FOX 8 Defenders: State seeks repayment of Road Home money from N.O. resident

In a follow-up to a FOX 8 Defenders investigation that started in November 2017, we’ve learned the State of Louisiana’s Disaster Recovery Unit is seeking re-payment of Road Home money from a homeowner we’ve reported on for a longtime blighted swimming pool in Lakeview.

  Court documents shed light on possible former Ochsner employee imprisoned for stealing personal information

FOX 8 Defenders: Blighted property with multiple code violations may see new life

FOX 8 Defenders: Dangerous pools update after year-long investigation

FOX 8 Defenders: Ochsner employee accused of stealing patient information

FOX 8 Defenders: City Council members demand the city fill in a dangerous pool

FOX 8 Defenders: Council members, Code Enforcement differ on what constitutes a pool emergency

FOX 8 Defenders: Hearing officer rules to allow the city to fill longtime nuisance pool

FOX 8 Defenders: Longtime blighted pool could soon get fixed or filled

FOX 8 Defenders: Don’t fall for the car wrap scam

FOX 8 Defenders: Nearly $15,000 in summer savings for area consumers

FOX 8 Defenders: Council members push for stronger enforcement regarding blighted pools

FOX 8 Defenders: Orleans property assessment appeals period now through Aug. 15th

FOX 8 Defenders: Nuisance pool in Lakeview remains black, stagnant

FOX 8 Defenders: Dangerous potholes get fixed on busy Lakeview block

FOX 8 Defenders: Drainage canal concerns during hurricane season

FOX 8 Defenders Follow-up: Crews begin cutting city's biggest drainage canal

FOX 8 Defenders: JPSO launches investigation against OBL Travel

FOX 8 Defenders: More tourists fall victim to OBL Travel ruse

FOX 8 Defenders: BBB issues warnings after travel company concern

FOX 8 Defenders: More than 100 dogs seized in Thibodaux

FOX 8 Defenders: Gentilly water meter full of bees

Defenders help woman with broken lift for elderly mother

FOX 8 Defenders: Examining two of the largest eyesores in N.O. East

FOX 8 Defenders: Minor vehicle dents cost consumers big time

FOX 8 Defenders: Crews help resurrect historic resting place


A Forecast to be Thankful For!

  Restaurant, grocery stores work to remove romaine lettuce after nationwide recall

A nationwide recall tonight on romaine lettuce after 32 people across the country fell sick after eating it.