Degree of Debt

  DEGREE OF DEBT: Predatory practices impact debt-consolidating students

A businessman promising to help people with hefty student loans refuses to answer our questions; a Tulane law professor says he's committing fraud. Here's our latest installment of "Degree of Debt".

  DEGREE OF DEBT: Higher education’s path leads to a consumer crisis

There's a crisis in higher education, and it's all about the money - not just the waning funds for public universities, but the growing debt burden faced by growing generations of Americans. FOX 8 investigates the cause of this crisis, and the struggles of those bearing the brunt of it.

DEGREE OF DEBT: Exploring the data

There is an enormous amount of data to contend with when investigating college debt in America. Here's how we tackled the task.

DEGREE OF DEBT: For-profit schools and campaign cash

Non-profit colleges in America have their detractors – and not just those students who feel they've been taken advantage of. But they clearly have their supporters in Washington as well.

DEGREE OF DEBT: As for-profit college students struggle, school leaders are getting rich

There are 8.1 million Americans currently in default on their college loans, the most ever. Studies show the majority of those defaults come at for-profit colleges, around 70 percent.  You've seen their commercials - now you'll see some numbers and hear some stories that may get your attention, in this installment of our "Degree of Debt" investigation.