Dirty Deeds

Lee Zurik Investigation: State can't sue over "Dirty Deeds" but individuals may

An assistant attorney general told the State Mineral Board that the state itself has no legal basis to file suit over questionable oil leases granted by Huey Long's successors in the 1930's. But the fight over the so-called "Dirty Deeds" is far from over.

Lee Zurik Investigation: AG report on "Dirty Deeds" expected Wednesday

17 months have passed since the State Mineral Board called for an investigation of lucrative and questionable oil & gas leases handed out in the 1930's. The attorney general's office has spent over a year, figuring out whether the state has a way out of the leases.

Lee Zurik Investigation: Mineral Board approves more time for AG's "Dirty Deeds" probe

The State Mineral Board voted Wednesday to give the state attorney general's office four more months to investigate questionably obtained oil leases from the 1930's.

Lee Zurik Investigation: AG's office delays "Dirty Deeds" probe

A local researcher has concerns about the attorney general's investigation into questionably obtained oil and gas leases.

Lee Zurik Investigation: 'Dirty Deeds' lobbying smells fishy to Mineral Board member

Board member Tom Arnold says what happened in the "Dirty Deeds" case was, at the very least, unethical.  And now it's up to the attorney general to find out if the state has a way out.

Lee Zurik Investigation: AG wants four more months for `Dirty Deeds` report

The Attorney General's office says it needs more time to fully brief state officials on the notorious Win or Lose oil and gas deals, dating from the 1930's.

Lee Zurik Investigation: Federal angle to 'Dirty Deeds'?

We've already showed you how the descendents of three Louisiana governors have made millions off questionable state oil leases.  Now FOX 8 News has learned that they may be profiting from a federal oil lease, too.

Lee Zurik Investigation: AG took campaign contributions from 'Dirty Deeds' heirs

We detailed the "Dirty Deeds" in a series of stories in May.  It prompted the State Mineral Board to ask the AG to see if the state has a way out of those lucrative leases, with no end date, that have paid the heirs more than $1 billion in today's money.

Lee Zurik Investigation: SL 340 just the tip of the 'Dirty Deeds' iceberg

PART 3 - We've told you about State Lease 340, and how the oil royalties from it put some $273 million in the pockets of the family and friends of Huey P. Long.  But SL 340 is just one lease; Part three of our "Dirty Deeds" investigation lays out the entire scheme, and the riches that came of it.

Lee Zurik Investigation: Lobbyist claims ignorance about Noe’s ‘Dirty Deeds’

UPDATE - We roamed the halls of the State Capitol, trying to find out why a state House committee overwhelmingly voted down a resolution that asked the attorney general to look at questionable oil leases.   What we found was a lobbyist and a lawmaker, working behind the scenes to get the resolution voted down.

Lee Zurik Investigation: House panel dumps 'Dirty Deeds' resolution

UPDATE - The state's House Judiciary Committee rejected a resolution by Rep. Pat Connick, calling on the Attorney General's Office to examine the questionable state oil leases to the Win or Lose Corporation.  Sources tell FOX 8 News that heirs to the Win or Lose interest have been lobbying some lawmakers all week on the issue.

Lee Zurik Investigation: Mineral Board member didn't know about 'Dirty Deeds'

PART 2 - If a governor did today what was done in 1936 and got interest in a contract he awarded, he would likely go to prison.  It begs the question -- if it's something illegal now, then why wouldn't the state have recourse to reclaim the people's property, the people's money?

Lee Zurik Investigation: Mineral Board wants AG probe of 'Dirty Deeds'

PART 6 - The panel that oversees Louisiana's oil and gas leases wants the state Attorney General to investigate leases to the Win or Lose Corporation.  So do some state lawmakers.  But will the AG's office act?

Lee Zurik Investigation: Lawmakers seek to clean up 'Dirty Deeds'

PART 5 - Some state lawmakers have drafted a resolution, trying to stop a scheme Huey Long started almost 80 years ago.