Medical Waste

Zurik: ‘Medical Waste’ suits hit double-digit mark

Our investigative series has led now to 11 lawsuits being filed in federal court.

Zurik: Facing seven ‘Medical Waste’ suits, insurers remain silent

Plaintiffs filed the latest against UnitedHealthcare in a California federal court. As with the previous suits, this suit claims United illegally overcharged customers for prescription medication.

Zurik: UnitedHealthcare faces nationwide class action suit after ‘Medical Waste’ probe

A federal class action lawsuit has been filed against the insurance company UnitedHealthcare. The suit alleges United secretly overcharged customers for prescription drugs. The suit is based on a series of investigations by FOX 8 News called Medical Waste.

Zurik: Hand caught in cookie jar, United changing drug overpayment program

The company at the center of our "Medical Waste" investigation says it's changing practices. UnitedHealthcare says it will stop overcharging some customers for prescription drugs.  But experts warn the company will find another way to make up the money - at your expense.

Zurik: Consumer finds cheaper drugs without using Medicare

Rick is a resident of New Jersey, and he found our Medical Waste stories online. He sent us an email with the subject, "United overcharging for drugs." And his story should give everyone from consumers to congressman pause for thought.

Zurik: As United overcharges customers, execs earn tens of millions in stock

Our investigation has revealed that the nation's largest insurance provider is making customers pay premiums on some prescription drugs, charging them more than the actual cost.  Pharmacists call it a "clawback" – and it's helping make some top executives rich.

MEDICAL WASTE: Bills to watch in the Louisiana Legislature

Healthcare issues always generate a lot of legislation in Baton Rouge. Here are a few key bills to watch in the 2016 regular session - as well as the House and Senate committees that will be considering these measures for passage.

Zurik: Investigator says Medical Waste probe reveals fraud

Local pharmacists across the country have told us stories about pharmacy benefit managers shorting the pharmacy on the actual cost of drugs. And pharmacy customers have their own complaints about PBM's, following our investigation into questionable pricing practices.

MEDICAL WASTE: Examining Big Pharma’s campaign clout

Those bottles of pills in your medicine cabinet translate into political clout for the pharmaceutical industry. We take a deep dive into the state and federal data on Big Pharma's campaign contributions and lobbying expenses.

Zurik: Copay or you-pay? Prescription drug clawbacks draw fire

Why would anyone pay more than they had to for their prescription drugs? Some insurance companies give you no choice, and even prevent your pharmacist from discussing it with you. We examine the practice of "clawbacks" and whether it may be a direct violation of  federal law.

Zurik: Cassidy slams drug cost clawbacks, demands transparency

Documents uncovered by FOX 8 News show real-life examples of patients going to the pharmacy and getting charged a premium on their medication.  We showed you several examples of customers paying more in copay for drugs than the drugs themselves actually cost. Now one of the most powerful politicians in Washington wants to get our documents.