Heart of Louisiana: Cajun Eagles

A few decades ago there were very few bald eagles to be found anywhere in Louisiana.  Now, there are hundreds of them nesting each Winter in the bayou state. 


Ron "Black" Guidry has been a state trooper, he's run a concrete company, and now he sings and writes songs and introduces tourists to the swamps of western Terrebonne Parish.

People ask me if I've been here all my life and I tell them not yet," said Guidry.

Guidry has been showing off the cypress and moss lined canals near Bayou Black for the last 21 years. 

"I like them to see the beauty of the area. I had people from Canada come, a French lady, and she told me it's so pretty that it makes me want to cry," Guidry recalled.


And there's plenty to see; the nutria and raccoons and Guidry also knows where the big boys hang out.


The cypress swamp has lost it's green leaves for the Winter. But this is the time of year when you can see one of the swamp's most impressive animals.


"The bald eagles Winter with us. I guess it's because it's so cold up North."

There are a number of bald eagles who spend six to seven months a year in South Louisiana. It's where they build their nests and hatch their young.

The eagles have made an amazing comeback.  In 1960, there were only 4 active eagle nests in all of Louisiana.  The most recent count by wildlife and fisheries biologists found 336 nests.