FOX 8 Investigates: Taxi-Cab Bureau investigators suspended

The city of New Orleans has taken action against three employees in the Taxi-Cab Bureau.

This comes just two days after a lengthy investigation netted two arrests including a city inspector and the vice president of United Cabs.

The action taken is against three employees in the department who spearheaded the investigation which began under the previous administration.

FOX 8 has learned the supervisor of the Taxi Cab Bureau as well as the two lead investigators in the case have been placed on emergency suspension for 120 days.

According to a letter issued to the employees Thursday night, the city alleges irregularities in the time sheets of the two investigators and inadequate oversight by the supervisor.

Those three employees were at the heart of a nearly two year probe that ended in two arrests Tuesday.

FOX 8 got exclusive video of the Vice President of United Cabs Donald Juneau being arrested after surveillance video showed him allegedly doling out taxi cab inspection stickers at the United yard and scraping off the old stickers himself.

That's something that should only be done at the inspection station in New Orleans East.

A city inspector, Ronnie Blake, was also arrested after investigators say the stickers were traced back to him.

He's also accused of taking additional money to allow cabbies to pass inspection easily.

Deputy CAO Ann Duplessis told FOX 8 she hoped the arrests sent a message.

"This is the beginning of our transformation. Yes, we have some problems to correct, exactly how we do business at City Hall now," Duplessis said.

Deputy Mayor Andy Kopplin issued a statement saying, "The administration has acted to suspend these three employees based on questions related to time and attendance records, payroll fraud and inadequate supervision. We do not believe it is a best practice for non-law enforcement and non-investigative agencies to be conducting covert operations and investigations."

The city says potential white collar crimes should be turned over the the city's inspector general in the future or the NOPD.