NOPD chief outraged over video and pictures of detective in bar

New Orleans - A New Orleans police officer is off the streets and reassigned to desk duty after an incident at an Uptown bar. It happened early Saturday morning, all while another bar patron was taking pictures and shooting video.

NOPD Superintendent Ronal Serpas is outraged by what he saw, and it didn't take long for him to take action.

Photos and videos posted on a video upload website called show a woman wearing a real NOPD uniform shirt inside two different bars over the weekend.

Sources have also identified homicide detective Robert Hurst in those pictures, still wearing what appears to be his uniform pants and a T-shirt.

Serpas says what he has seen in the pictures is a blatant violation of NOPD policy and there could be more violations.

"When you think about the people who died wearing this uniform," Serpas said. "He will not be wearing my uniform for some time."

Serpas steamed about the officer's conduct, saying he was taking Hurst off of the street immediately.

Serpas says he does have a written statement from the officer in question and the internal investigation continues. According to the chief, the officer appears to have been off-duty.