Heart of Louisiana: Bayou Playhouse

A small town in South Lafourche Parish is starting to make a big name for itself among theater-goers.  Almost all of the plays on stage at the Bayou Playhouse in Lockport are from Louisiana.  And the theater on the bayou has strong connections to New Orleans.


"I think the secret here is people don't really know what's going on here. I think they come here thinking they're going to see a high school production and then realize it's a professional theater," says Perry Martin with the Bayou Playhouse.


The building is an old utility company warehouse turned bayouside theater.


"The theater being in the middle of the swamps and in the middle of nowhere has a bit of an attraction to me," Martin said.


The middle of nowhere is home for theater owner and producer Perry Martin who's moved some of his work from the New Orleans stage to the small Lafourche Parish town of Lockport.


"We say our mission is to showcase Louisiana's most precious natural resource, history and culture, it's art and recreation, it's colorful people," he says.


Since opening two years ago, an opening that was delayed by the arrival of Hurricane Gustav, the Bayou Playhouse has entertained more than 15,000 people in a community that's not known for theatrical productions.

"The first year we had about 65 percent of our audience that had never seen live theater," said Martin.