FOX 8 Investigates: NOPD detail paid $250,000 since November

New Orleans - FOX 8 has learned the commander of the New Orleans Police Department's Eighth District may not be the only NOPD officer allegedly violating the department's paid detail policy.

Commander Ed Hosli formed a corporation back in September and struck a lucrative deal with City Hall to review red light traffic violations.

The department's off-duty paid detail is in the process of being overhauled at the recommendation of the Department of Justice. In the meantime, allegations of unethical, possibly illegal activity have surfaced and appear to be snowballing.

As FOX 8 first reported last week, Hosli is under scrutiny for forming a corporation last august, that just a month later, got the job of reviewing red light violations for the city.

Hosli's company, Anytime Solutions, hired more than a dozen officers to work the detail, including Serpas' son-in-law and bodyguard, which the chief says he had no knowledge of.

When Mayor Mitch Landrieu found out, he cancelled the city's deal with Anytime Solutions and ordered an investigation.

FOX 8 has now learned more officers could be involved in the same sort of detail operation. FOX 8 obtained a group of invoices from the city, spanning four months. They show another NOPD officer, Sgt. Bradley Rhodes of the Second District has billed the city more than $250,000 since November 28, 2010 under his company, Bradley Rhodes Security Consulting, also just formed in September of last year.

The invoices show work done at the city's impound lots, booting yard and administrative hearing center, with Rhodes charging a 10-percent supervisor's fee.

FOX 8 also obtained a copy of an email to Serpas sent out to his high ranking officers Monday, clarifying the NOPD rule that members of the department are prohibited from forming any corporation, company, trust, fund, or cooperative banking account for the purpose of billing, receiving compensation, or offering services of paid details.

Serpas goes on to say a review of the Louisiana Secretary of State's database of registered corporations indicates that several members of the department are involved in limited liability corporations, some may be in other states.

He wants to know who is involved with what corporation, and if that corporation has been involved in any off-duty police services, and basically what members of the department have gotten paid.

Serpas asked for that information to be submitted to him by 5 p.m.