After Further Review: LSU's Quarterback (Non) Controversy

As the LSU Tigers sit on the brink of greatness, does it seem a bit odd that the top-ranked team in the country changes STARTING QUARTERBACKS nine games into the season and it doesn't get much attention on the national scale?

Sure, we know all about Jordan Jefferson and Jarrett Lee down here, but the lack of attention on a national scale is mind-boggling to me.

But now the regular season is complete. And it's clear that Jefferson is the starter. Lee is the backup.

If I'm Lee I have to be thinking, 'life just isn't fair.'

At the beginning of the season his team called on him to guide them through a mess that ended with Jefferson getting suspended from the team. Lee responded with the best football of his career and led the Tigers to road victories over Oregon, West Virginia and Mississippi State among others. He threw for over 1300 yard and 14 touchdowns and perhaps most importantly, did not lose a game.

But once Jefferson returned to the team it was clear, at least to me, that Les Miles knew he was the guy that gave his team the best chance to win. He also knew he couldn't just hand him the job back after what he'd done in the offseason. No, Miles needed an on-the-field reason for the switch.

And on November 5, 2011, Lee gave Miles that opportunity.

Who knew at the time his second half interception against Alabama would be the last meaningful pass Lee would throw at LSU?

But here's where things get a little gray: fair or unfair, can we really argue with Miles' choice to go with Jefferson from here on out?

Quite honestly, he's responded with the best football of his career.

In three games as a starter, Jefferson hasn't lost and has finally shown the swagger of a quarterback I've been waiting four years to see.

And if this is a team of destiny and the Tigers do end up holding the crystal ball in the Mercedes Benz superdome on January 99th, it will likely be Jefferson standing on the podium alongside Miles. Somewhere in the crowd will be Lee, who led his team to a 9-0 record but essentially had one bad series, and was benched for good.

Sometimes life just isn't fair.  Just ask #12 for the #1 team in college football.