Local Teens Stage Hoodie Protest

Hooded sweatshirt protests have popped up across the country.. And in new orleans, as well.

It's been one month since the shooting death of trayvon martin in an orlando suburb.

The death of the florida teenager has sparked an outcry across the country, and thirty days later it hasn't quietted down.

Here in new orleans, hundreds of students at martin luther king donned hoodies, and armed themselves with a bag of skittles...and a iced tea, and took to the streets.

That's what trayvon martin, a black teenager, was wearing, and carrying, the night he shot to death by a florida vigilante, named george zimmerman. He had just returned from a convenience store where he bought the candy and an iced tea, but zimmerman thought he looked suspicious. Zimmerman tracked him down, in spite of a 911 operator who told him to stand down. The two scuffled, and martin wound up shot to death.

Today's supporters also carried signs saying 'i am trayvon.'

teacher joseph recasner says, 'our children don't deserve to be shot down like animals... We're fired up...and we're not taking it anymore.'

the senior class made the decision to forgo spring break, and a trip to florida, to participate in today's rally in the ninth ward.

Zimmerman, has not been charged with any crime, for the martin shooting.