"Free Payton" movement underway on t-shirts

Who Dats always find a way to speak their mind, but now those upset about the harsh punishment handed down to the New Orleans Saints from the NFL over Bounty-gate can express themselves, without saying a word.

A Free Payton Movement is underway in South Louisiana, with a number of t-shirt companies already selling shirts for frustrated fans.

Lauren Thom says, "That's how New Orleanians are, and I attribute our success to things like that. You wear your passion on your sleeve." Thom owns Fleurty Girl, with 4 locations in New Orleans. Right after the NFL announced Sean Payton's one year suspension, she started taking orders for two different style "Free Payton" shirts.They sell for 20 or 22 dollars with free shipping.

Thom says she's blown away by the response. In just a few hours, Fleurty Girl sold more than a thousand shirts and had to triple its initial order. "We've had to call in additional staff to be able to ship out all the shirts. We've got the post office coming to pick up shirts. We've already shipped some out of the U.S. It's crazy," says Thom. "We've got international Saints fans and they're very upset about what's happened."

Dirty Coast on Magazine is selling "Free Sean Payton" shirts for 25 dollars. On that company's website, the owner writes, "It is not like he spied on other teams with hidden cameras."  And Skip n Whistle on Oak Street has "Free Sean" t-shirts with the coach's picture on them for 20 dollars. It's website says, "It's called tackle football for a reason!"