You Rock Guitar: a battery-powered MIDI marvel

The You Rock Guitar is a digital guitar designed for musicians, performers, music teachers, beginners and video gamers. The device has strings and a finger board, just like a real guitar, but it never needs tuning.

Furthermore, it provides 99 built-in presets and 25 digitally-sampled guitars, allowing it to sound like a six-string acoustic or the electric "ax" of your choice -- at the press of a button.

Also included are 50 synthesizer sounds, such as pianos, organs, strings, brass, etc., and 75 built-in song and drum loops for musical accompaniment.

The unit supports playing styles, ranging from tapping to sliding, and employs one of the best MIDI controllers available, which ensures compatibility with all the popular software on both Mac and PC.

In "You Rock Mode," the device will not let you play a wrong note and keeps you in the right chord progression, which is ideal for beginners and a great teaching tool. 

A built-in whammy bar is provided for pitch bend (both up and down), and you can even record your own creations with the on-board MIDI recorder.

In "Game Mode," the unit is compatible with both Rock Band and Guitar Hero and can connect wirelessly to most major consoles, including the Nintendo Wii and Sony PlayStation3, using an optional GameFlex cartridge.

The device is powered by 4 AA batteries (not included) or USB power, and a removable neck makes it easy to transport.

A built-in panel with lighted buttons and a numeric display controls everything, except for the volume knob and pitch bending controls on the face. Connecting to a computer is only necessary if you want to use the guitar with GarageBand or some other software.

A variety of inputs and outputs are provided, including a stereo headphone jack, stereo audio input, standard 1/4-in. guitar cable jack, high-speed USB to MIDI, and a legacy MIDI five-pin connector.

The You Rock Guitar weighs approximately 7.5 lbs., measures around 30" x 14" x 3" , and has an MSRP of $219.99. For more information, visit

Smart phones typically pass information from one app to another without the need to copy-and-paste. Have you ever wondered why your PC can't do the same?

Well, now it can. Axonic Information Systems, based in Karlsruhe, Germany has released a new tool, called, that reduces the number of mouse clicks required to transfer text, images, URLs, or other information from one program to another.

When is installed on a Windows PC, the app launches whenever you press Ctrl + C or select "Copy" from the context menu. A dock displaying buttons (called "satellites") for the places you routinely paste the contents of your clipboard appears on-screen. The program also provides a drop-down menu for less frequently used links.

Satellites for two dozen applications, such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google and all Microsoft Office applications, are available by default. The current version is, so I assume it's still in beta, which makes sense, because has some rough edges.

I was excited when I saw that you can add calls to other Windows applications and Web destinations, but my attempts to do so only produced errors. Hopefully, these bugs will be worked out, because being able to send images directly into PhotoShop would be cool.

Regardless, is absolutely free and has already made several "Best Free Software" lists. The program can be downloaded at