Search for possible drowning victim

Barataria, La. - Jefferson Parish sheriff's deputies are searching the Barataria Waterway for a possible drowning victim.

Stephanie Adams reported her husband, Louis, missing and told deputies he may have drowned while paddling across the waterway.

The 64-year-old works directly across the bayou from his home and regularly takes his 15 foot pirogue to work. No one has seen Adams or his pirogue since Wednesday morning.

She became concerned and called J.P.S.O. after his co-workers at Nunez Seafood said he didn't make it to work on Wednesday.

Authorities say although no one saw Adams in the water, members of the Jefferson Parish LASER Division are searching the Barataria Waterway for any sign of Adams, his clothing or his boat.

He was last seen wearing a camouflage patterned raincoat, a white T-shirt, white rubber boots and blue jeans.

Anyone with information in this matter, or who may know the whereabouts of Louis Adams, Jr. is asked to call 911.