Eddie Vedder postpones tour, will miss Jazz Fest

Eddie Vedder (AP Photo)
Eddie Vedder (AP Photo)

Jazz Fest organizers are facing some lineup changes after Eddie Vedder, one of the top acts at this year's fest, postponed his entire slate of 2012 shows.

Vedder, the lead singer of Pearl Jam, was scheduled as a solo act for a 15 city U.S. tour, which included Thursday May 3rd at the New Orleans Jazz Fest.

According to a press release from the band's management, the singer has "temporary nerve damage in his right arm, the result of a back injury sustained earlier this year."

Pearl Jam's manager said Vedder was, "frustrated beyond measure, but remains positive that come this summer all will be back in good form."

Jazz Fest officials have not announced a replacement for Vedder, but said changes will be announced soon.