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Judge hears Jefferson Parish teachers' lawsuit


Gretna, La. - A judge is hearing a lawsuit filed against the Jefferson Parish School Board by the Jefferson Federation of Teachers.

The teachers' union contends the board violated state law when it laid off 54 teachers based on unsatisfactory evaluations. Board attorneys say that's not so.

The 54 teachers were laid off last summer and the union says the school board violated three different state laws in essentially terminating the teachers.

The union says teachers who received "unsatisfactory" or "needs improvement" ratings were entitled to assistance to help them improve, as well as an official hearing.

The union president and attorneys say the laid off teachers are being shortchanged.

One laid off teacher took the stand this morning.

She said after she was laid off she was placed on a recall list. But she claims her reputation had been sullied and she wasn't rehired.

Attorneys for the school board defended lay off procedure in court. Michael Fanning said the board was not trying to get around the tenure hearing requirements.

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