Sheriff Gusman to close House of Detention

New Orleans, La -  The House of Detention at Orleans Parish Prison is closing.

Hundreds of inmates from the housing facility will be moved to other locations, including other parishes.

The news comes just a day after the Department of Justice released a report criticizing Orleans Parish Prison because of the level of sexual violence that occurs there.

Sheriff Marlin Gusman says his team has started moving 628 inmates who were living in the house of detention.

Many are being sent to a new temporary housing and intake center just around the corner from the prison.

Others, including state inmates, may be sent to prisons in other parishes.

Gusman says one of the reasons for the buildings closure is because of mounting pressure from the Department of Justice.

"Certainly the mounting criticism, the inspections by the federal people, they all play a factor. We just have the opportunity at this time to act on it," said Gusman.

Gusman says he also made the decision to close the building because he claims he hasn't received enough money from the city to maintain the house of detention.