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What they are saying about Saints eavesdropping allegations

Saints GM Mickey Loomis/FILE (FOX 8) Saints GM Mickey Loomis/FILE (FOX 8)

New Orleans, La. - The New Orleans Saints are denying an anonymously sourced ESPN report on Monday which alleges that general manager Mickey Loomis' booth in the Superdome was wired so he could listen to opposing coaches' radio communications during games.

ESPN could not determine if the system was ever used. The report on Monday's "Outside the Lines" said Loomis would have been able to eavesdrop on opponents from 2002 to 2004. The report also said the system was disabled in 2005, when the Superdome was heavily damaged by Hurricane Katrina.

Reaction to the allegations soon followed the report.

"This report on ESPN is absolutely false. I have a monitor in front of me in my booth that provides the league issued stats for the game. I have a small TV with the network broadcast and I have an earpiece to listen to the WWL-AM radio game broadcast. To think I am sitting in there listening and actually and or doing something with the offensive and defensive play calls of the opposing teams makes this story and the unnamed sources that provided the false information that much more less credible. It just didn't happen," said Saints GM Mickey Loomis.


"At no time during my tenure as head coach with the New Orleans Saints did Mickey (Loomis) and I discuss monitoring opposing team coaches communication, nor did I have any knowledge of this. To my knowledge this concept was never discussed or utilized," said Washington Redskins Defensive Coordinator Jim Haslett.


"This report is 1,000% false - completely inaccurate- we asked ESPN to provide us evidence to support the allegations. They refused. The team and Mickey are seeking all legal recourse regarding these false allegations," said Saints spokesman Greg Bensel.
"This is completely false. I have sat with Mickey for years, for multiple games and I can say that when Mickey gets up to go walk around during breaks or halftime, I put his earpiece in, it is WWL-AM radio. I know this, because I have heard, plain and simple," said hall of famer and Saints special advisor Cortez Kennedy.
"I don't know what kind of competitive advantage you could get. Mickey would have to know the verbiage of every opposing team ... and get it (information) down to the field in time to be useful," (via LA TIMES) said ESPN NFL analyst and former Indianapolis G.M. Bill Polian.
(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)
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