Thrill your favorite administrative pro with cool office tools

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Today is Administrative Professionals Day! According to the U.S. Department of Labor, there are more than 4.1 million secretaries and administrative assistants in today's workforce.

Many will be taken to lunch today. Some will find flowers on their desks, possibly a card, and maybe even a sign. These traditional ways of saying "thank you" are fine, but if you really express your appreciation, why not give these key players something they won't soon forget?

My suggestion is to give them a cool office tool, something that makes their job easier or more fun.

For example, let's assume there's someone in your office who routinely creates file folders labels and keeps things organized. Liberate them, time-wise and creatively, with the means to do the job better and faster!

recently introduced the first stand-alone label maker with a full-color touch screen. The LabelManager 500TS has computer-style, QWERTY keyboard, so you can input create/edit/format a label using the touch screen.

The unit connects to a PC (Windows or Mac OS) or can be used independently. Either way, the device stores over 500 labels, prints super-fast, has a rechargeable battery, and comes with a wide selection of fonts, symbols, and clip art.

User profiles let you store settings and data for up to 5 different users. The unit's 300 dpi resolution renders crystal-clear graphics, barcodes, and logos, and labels can be printed in 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4" and 1" widths.

Bestowing a 500TS will not only show how much you value your administrative pro's efforts, it will help them make your files and projects look more professional with far less work. A win-win situation, for sure.

The DYMO LabelManager 500TS has a 1-year warranty and sells for $199.99. For more information, visit

Another promising possibility is ScanStik, the world's smallest full-page color scanner. Pen-sized and easy to use, ScanStik is perfect for scanning on the go, at work, at home, or at school.

Unlike other pen-sized scanners that only scan a line at a time, ScanStik scans the whole page at once, just like a flat-bed scanner. The device also features a MicroSD memory slot that holds thousands of image scans.

The unit scans a full page in just 4 seconds. After scanning, just plug the device into the USB port of your Mac or Windows PC to transfer the images. The USB connection also keeps the non-removable, rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery charged.

Both ABBYY FineReader SE and PaperPort OCR software are included, as well as a leather carrying case and a USB charging/transfer cable. The device scans in 150, 300, or 600 DPI 24-bit color or in black and white.

With a suggested retail price of $159.99, a ScanStik will decrease your assistant's trips to the multi-function printer (MFP) and allow capturing documents anywhere with remarkable ease. For more information, visit

Panamax power managers are more than surge protectors

I've become accustomed to thinking of surge protectors as a means to protect expensive electronic equipment from power glitches and lightning, NOT as a way to make home theater systems produce clearer video or better sound. Nevertheless, the latter is precisely what the AC power management solutions from Panamax do.

The sexy-looking Panamax M4300-PM power conditioner, for example, offers Level 2 power cleaning and Linear Filtration Technology (LiFT) to eliminate common symptoms of AC line noise.

Additionally, noise isolation between the two isolated outlet banks prevents any noise created by a component plugged into one bank from contaminating the power to equipment plugged into the other outlet bank.

Petaluma, California-based Panamax/Furman says all its devices also employ Automatic Voltage Monitoring (AVM), a patent-pending technology that monitors the incoming power as displayed on the digital voltmeter.

In case of an under-voltage or an over-voltage, a flashing red lightning bolt will be displayed in the voltmeter, and power to the connected equipment is automatically turned off if either of these conditions is detected. When voltage returns to a safe level, power to the equipment is automatically reconnected.

The unit even has a USB charger and gaming AC convenience outlet on the front panel, allowing portable devices to be conveniently connected to and disconnected from the unit.

The Panamax M4300-PM sells for $339.99. For more product information and/or the location of the nearest authorized Panamax dealer, visit

If you don't have a 70- or an 80-inch TV you need to protect, Panamax provides the same technology at lower cost in what they call "Floor Models," which look like conventional surge protection devices with multiple outlets.

The Panamax M8-AV-PRO, for example, blocks damaging surges and spikes in AC power, telephone/coax lines, plus eliminates voltage irregularities. Like the M4300-PM, the M8-AV-PRO provides noise isolation between the two isolated outlet banks and AVM circuitry.

If your A-V equipment is running on contaminated power, the M8-AV-PRO's power cleaning and filtration will produce a noticeable increase in detail, along with a reduction in hisses, hums and visual artifacts.

The suggested retail price for the Panamax M8-AV-PRO is $169.99. For more product information and/or the location of the nearest authorized Panamax dealer, visit