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Tire and rim thieves hit Lakeview

New Orleans, LA - Jeanne Bourgeois' husband woke up Saturday morning to find his wife's 2007 GMC Yukon sitting in the driving on cinder blocks.  All four tires and rims were stolen from the Lakeview home between Friday night at 11:00 and 7:20 Saturday morning.

"He calmly opens the bedroom door and he says Jeanne, it's not an emergency, but when you get up you need to call police because all four tires have been stolen off of your car," said Bourgeois.

Fox 8 talked with two neighbors on 14th Street in Lakeview who have had their tires and rims stolen this year.

NOPD 3rd District Commander John Thomas says there hasn't been a rash of thefts, but a scattering.  He says the NOPD will get a report of two to three cases in a short period, and then won't have another case reported for months. 

Commander Thomas says law enforcement agencies across the state are reporting similar crimes.  "Just putting us on notice that they have been seeing an increase in tire and rim theft throughout the state," said Commander Thomas.

New Orleans police believe the thieves are likely traveling in a truck or van since they are carrying cinder blocks and hauling away tires.  Police are also trying to determine where the stolen goods are going.  "We're actually investigating to see if there is a local dealership or something that's trying to investigate to see if, in fact, they are buying rims, tires and/or air bags so maybe we can put a stop to it," said Commander Thomas.  

New Orleans Police remind residents to lock vehicles and report suspicious vehicles.

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