Brees juggles contract and bounty gate issues

Drew Brees is fighting a war on two fronts. First, his coveted long term deal with the Saints that would allow him to end his career in New Orleans.

"Ah, well, it's a process and obviously, there's been quite a few distractions this off season, as you can imagine, but we're just looking forward to getting onto more positive things," says Brees.

But NFL analyst Mike Detillier says it all comes down to money, not the total amount, but how much Brees gets when.

"This is a contract that's been well over a year in progress. I don't think any of the punishments or Bounty Gate scandal issues had anything to do with them not cutting a deal with Drew, to be honest with you. If that was the case, you would have done this last fall. I think the hold up in this deal is not how much, but when it's laid out. This is going to be a 5 or 6-year deal, but if I'm Drew at 33 years old, I want my money in the first couple of 3 years," says Detillier.

Here are the most recent top quarterback contracts:

Peyton Manning: 5 years, $96 million.

Michael Vick: 6-years, $100 million, $40 million guaranteed.

Eli Manning: 6 years, $97.5 million.

Tom Brady- 4-years, $72 million, $48.5 million guaranteed.

Phillip Rivers: 6-years, $ 92 million, $38 million guaranteed.

Brees is also juggling his role as the Saints' union rep. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell wants the Players Union to recommend a punishment for the players allegedly involved in Bounty Gate, but it doesn't sound like that's going to happen:

"The job of the union and certainly, my position as an Executive Committee Member of the Players Union, is to certainly look out for the best interest of players and obviously to understand, too the entire situation and exactly what we're being accused of. And so, I think what we've been pushing for as a union this entire time is to actually see the evidence that the NFL claims to have on players, and it just happens to be that I'm on the team that they're trying to come after," says Brees.

Detillier predicts Goodell will move without the Union's input and soon. Detillier expects a severe punishment in the next 24-48 hours.

"Goodell has delayed this for timing - to send a message to every player, every coach, every executive in the National Football League that I am going to guard these NFL gates with everything I have because I do not want to lose it in a courtroom. I see these lawsuits popping up all across America due to head injury, head trauma out on the field," says Detillier.

Goodell doesn't need the union's input: the new CBA gives him full power to decide this punishment.

The players and the NFLPA could appeal whatever punishment comes down, but chances are high it will have the same outcome the Payton/Loomis/Vitt appeal did.