Jonathan Vilma braces for punishment through Twitter

New Orleans, La. - Bountygate?   Possible 8-16 game suspension without pay?  Litigation?

Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma doesn't appear to be worried.

Unless someone hacked his Twitter account, it appears Vilma really likes the Sports Illustrated cover connected to the pay-for-play program the Saints used during its Super Bowl run.  The image shows Vilma in the classic 'I'm about to blitz the living heck out of you' pre-snap, two-point stance.  The title says "Special Report: Bounty Culture."

Vilma is using the magazine cover as his Twitter avatar - the image associated with his account.  Vilma goes by @JonVilma51.

A Twitter user asked why Vilma chose the magazine cover.  Vilma simply replied, because he can.  The exact tweet reads:  "@ThePack_Man: Y would @JonVilma51 use the #SI cover of the bounty scandle?"bc Jon Vilma can.

The Twitter account for @ThePack_Man was suspended shortly afterwards for unknown reasons.

ESPN reports the player punishments will be handed down Wednesday, just hours after Vilma changed his Twitter avatar.

Jonathan Vilma doesn't appear to be worried.