Saints players react on Twitter to bounty punishments

New Orleans, La. - Several Saints players took to their Twitter accounts to respond to the player punishments that were handed down Wednesday afternoon.

"I wish I could say what I want to say right now, but I know that all eyes are on us right now. I'll just say it sucks, but we'll be fine," Lance Moore tweeted.

"This is beyond ridiculous! I want to see the evidence and hear an explanation. Its sad when u have to hear about it on tv. Ridiculous," tweeted Jimmy Graham.

"Here come the WHODAT haters!! We don't care bout y'all!! Sit on the couch n watch us work!!" tweeted Mark Ingram.

"Man these Suspensions are outrageous! I'm honestly speechless about how all of this has played out. Something needs to be done about this!! You want something less physical go watch basketball or baseball! This is what we do! Period! Next thing you know we'll be playing two hand touch football!" former Saints running back Reggie Bush tweeted.

"We might as well start playing two hand tag cause this is madness!!" tweeted Pierre Thomas.