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Child who swallowed magnetic beads has long road to recovery

New Orleans- The one year old boy who swallowed eight magnetic beads a month ago, eats through a feeding tube. Doctors removed most of his intestines.

The toddler took his first steps after a month under sedation in Children's hospital.

"I know he's recovering," said his mom Meaghin Jordan. "I know he's going to make it."

Braylon has been in ICU for three weeks. He had seven surgeries during that time, repairing the damage the magnets have caused. His parents had an adult desk toy in their Kiln Mississippi home that was made up of magnetic balls.

"He had swallowed 8 in a line. We didn't see him do it," his mother said. "We didn't play with them while he was around."

On April second the one year old began vomiting and his parents say his illness continued into the next day.

"They did an x-ray and I was standing behind the little wall. As soon as they did it I knew what they were," she said as the balls were obviously in a line on the x-ray.

The baby was rushed by ambulance to Children's Hospital in New Orleans.

"I would say probably 90 percent of his intestines have been lost," Dr. Adam Noel, an LSUHSC Gastroenterologist.

Mary Firmin says she saw Braylon's story on FOX 8 News. She had never heard about the danger of magnetic balls before the story. It was her warning before her 9 year old daughter swallowed two beads in school.

"I had it in my mouth and I was sucking on it," Brianna Becnel said. "It went down my throat."

"She was freaking out about it. A kid told her how dangerous it was that she could have intestinal damage," said Brianna's mom.

Dr. Noel says there have been at least three cases of children ingesting magnetic balls in the past three months at Children's Hospital. Nationwide he's learned of more than 80 cases.

Braylon will need a intestinal transplant before he's able to eat normally again, and it could take two years or longer for a donor that is a match.

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