Final Play: Fred Hickman's Final Word

My final word  is all about mom.  mine is longer with us.

But, I have been blessed with a beautiful, wonderful wife who is the best friend to our two children and to me.

Sheila is also a great teacher, one who has taken our children's education to be a vocation, and is about to embark on a teaching career of her own here in our city.  For that, and a million other things, I am proud of her.

But, this Mother's Day means something else to me. Here in my city, my heart breaks for the mother of 15-year-old Christine Marcelin and15-year-old Brandon Adams, who was both recently murdered in Desire.

It's senseless, sickening and, worst of all, not the only cases.  It happens too often in our city, and it needs to stop.

Our daughter is a "Kippster."  My wife and I would prefer to not have to explain such senseless mayhem committed against her classmates.  We can't explain it.  We shouldn't have to.

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there. Dads, give mom a big hug around the neck tonight and your kids as well.  We are blessed to have them.