Report: Arrests down, convictions up

The Orleans DA's office is expecting improvement soon when it comes to a conviction rate released in a new study by the Metropolitan Crime Commission.

The report shows some big improvement while it acknowledges room for plenty more.

The report just released Monday, shows that in 2009, the New Orleans Police Department made nearly 60,000 arrests.

Last year, that number dropped to 33,117.

Felony arrests dropped as well from 7,945 in 2009, to 6,510 in 2011.

But conviction rates have nearly doubled, from 24 percent, to 45 percent in 2010.

The Crime Commission says quality of arrests is preferable over quantity, and it says that's reflected in the new numbers.

tTe department is issuing more misdemeanor summons and not arresting dozens of people each year for things like traffic attachments.

That, the commission says, frees up cops to work more important felony cases.

The DA's office tells FOX 8 in spite of the improved conviction rates, they believe the numbers are skewed.